Opening Up


I think what I need to do most with this blog is share all of my feelings…kinda like venting….I’ll try to post every day, but really, it’ll more be for me.  I don’t care if any of y’all read or like my posts….all I wanna do is get things out.  I need more people to talk to about this shit, and I don’t really feel like I can with most people, so blogging it seems to be the only way.  I would appreciate it if y’all would read it and maybe give me some of your insights.  Whatever y’all want, it’s up to you.  Alot has gone on in my life, but I realize that other people have had it wayyy worse than I have.  I can’t even imagine all the shit they have to go through.  But I do aknowledge that what happened to me is not right, not fair, but I don’t dwell on it at all, unless it is to help me with my future.  I’m going to write things down on a pad of post-its all day long til I get here, to post those things.  Sometimes they might be in bullet form with no explanations and others would be in paragraph form with very detailed descriptions.  I guess it’s time I got more personal in my blog.  So here I am, world! I’m opening up to all of y’all, so be nice. Starting tomorrow because today I have nothing really to say….